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Parents of kiddos who bed wet: how are your kiddos doing since not being at school? Noticed any changes in their "accidents?"

At school, bathroom access is often restricted, but at home, kids can go more freely. Because of this, many children are forced to hold their poop which causes constipation. When poop stays in the rectum, it not only dries up, but it takes up space in the pelvic cavity, "shrinking" the size of the bladder, and because the kidneys are always filtering day and night producing urine, the bladder is not able to fill to it's normal size creating a cup over floweth situation which results in wetting. This can be both daytime and nighttime wetting.

So, what are signs that your kiddo is constipated?

1. LARGE poops that may clog the toilet

2. pellet or rabbit sized poops

3. stool staining or "skid marks" in their underwear

4. urgent need to pee or frequent peeing

5. complaints of abdominal pain

6. distended or protruding abdomen

7. history of chronic urinary tract infections

Kiddos potty trained before the age of 2 years old are also at a greater risk for having chronic constipation issues.

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