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Perineal Massage

Raise your hand if you know what that is?

Did you have perineal massage during your labor? During your third trimester of pregnancy?

The old school thought was that perineal massage helped prevent a woman from tearing during delivery, but the most recent literature in the last 5 years is actually showing it has little to no effect on tearing during labor BUT if done at 36+ weeks on, it is beneficial for reducing tearing and better helping the tissue prepare for a tremendous amount of stretch. I heard a provider refer to it as the “rehearsal of sensations.”

Did you know that during labor and delivery the pelvic floor expands to 500% it’s normal resting length?! That’s a LOT of stretching and no surprise that things do not just go back to normal, particularly without the help of a pelvic floor physio.

A pelvic floor assessment during pregnancy can be pivotal for not only teaching proper perineal massage techniques, but also teaching the pelvic floor how to move during the pushing phase of labor.

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