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First Blog

Never in my lifetime did I think I'd be living through a "pandemic" or approaching a potential second Great Depression! Alas, here we are, so what better time to document through it than now! With so many folks home, I've seen some rather creative things cross my path on social media. Some of the fun things I've enjoyed are seeing 10 jobs someone worked, 9 things everyone seems to like that you don't really care for, virtual pen pals, people sending REAL mail again and not just a text, parents' thoughtful ways teaching and instructing their children, families spending time together that they've never had, or silly videos that people have put together to stay sane and still laugh. I admire the resiliency of humanity.

So what have I been doing with my time? Well, I started teaching yoga (don't worry, it's virtual!) again and have increased my virtual consultation hours with clients, which, admittedly, I am enjoying. It's been fun "seeing" more into my patients' lives by being with them in their homes, and the challenge for us both to navigate this space outside of my office is fun and often humorous.

Some of you may just be stopping in, so forgive me, I'm Katie! I often forget I legitimately hold a doctorate degree which makes me Dr. Goeckner, but that often feels so weird to say, so I'm known to all as Katie. If you're so inclined (and even if you're not), I probably will hug you at some point. I was born in a small suburb in Chicago, Illinois and my parents moved here when I was just under two years old, so the PNW has always been home. I was born on Easter and have only had one Easter birthday since. I love chocolate and red wine but you'll most often see me drinking water. Running is one of my favorite past times and I consider myself a moving meditator. I am obsessed with clean bedsheets and my Kindle. I have terrible night vision and probably shouldn't drive at night (but don't tell my mom!). I always listen to Moody radio at home and Shine 104.9 in the car. One of my greatest accomplishments is teaching my son how to praise Jesus and to know which book is his bible. I just recently started making my own sourdough and love giving it away. Purple is my favorite color and I wish champagne sapphires were my birthstone because they're stunning. The thesaurus was my favorite book when I used to write poetry.

Just a few fun facts about me. What about you?

Picture of two of the most passionate things in my life: my son and my work.

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Nice blog Katie. Love you

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